Webinar: Building Ceiba, a wooden sailing cargo vessel in Costa Rica

De ‘Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging van Technici op Scheepvaartgebied’. (KNVTR) organiseert een Engelstalig webinar op 16 juni over de toekomst van de zeilende vrachtvaart, en speciaal over het houten vrachtschip CEIBA dat wordt gebouwd in Costa Rica.

About the lecture:
Developing a resilient, decarbonized transportation sector is a critical task of the Anthropocene. With reason, the mission of SAILCARGO INC. is to prove the value of clean shipping. This mission is more relevant than ever before due to the increased focus on resilience during these heightened times. ‘’There are growing worries that, like a ship [such as the EVER GIVEN] which is too big to steer, supply chains have become a source of vulnerability.’’ (The Economist, April 2021). The pillars of SAILCARGO INC. are to operate in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner, with respect for our global community members.

Beginning with the flagship of SAILCARGO INC., CEIBA, the presentation describes how a wooden cargo ship succeeded at achieving this mission – even before being launched. Both technical construction details and business strategy will be shared, as well as how their ‘’jungle shipyard’’ positively impacts its’ vulnerable coastal community in Costa Rica.

Looking farther afield, the second part of this well-versed presentation covers the range of ways in which clean shipping is both efficient and a long-term investment opportunity that is tangibly expanding; the antithesis of the ageing fleet of fossil-fuel dependent vessels that are rapidly morphing into stranded assets.

Danielle Doggett
Danielle Doggett

About the speaker:
Danielle grew up on Canada’s Great Lakes, sailing on the brigantine St. Lawrence II. Signing onto the infamous cargo ship Tres Hombres in early 2010 introduced her to sail -powered shipping. Named by the Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA) as one of the most influential women in the industry of the past century, Danielle founded the traditional rigging company Topsail Rigging Ltd., as well as SAILCARGO INC. She is an adviser to the Caribbean Sail Training Association and has worked on large projects with SAILMASTER BV: including the Peking, Gorch Fock and Shabab Oman II. As captain of Ruth (below), flagship of Barbados, she wrote & implemented the launch plan, which is the largest ship to be launched in the history of the country.

Responsible for orchestrating and harmonizing the office, build crew, and fellow owners of Ceiba, she works diligently to keep the project as running smoothly as possible. Her mission is to prove the value of clean shipping.

Wednesday June 16th 2021, 7:30 PM CET

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